Introduction to Mobile Browsing

Times change quickly, because it wasn't that long ago that if you wanted to view a website you would use your desktop PC.  The advent of the Laptop made this experience 'portable'.  Then along came the Netbook which was much smaller, even more portable and designed for internet access on the move.  Now we access the Internet to browse the web etc. with Smartphones!

As of June this year, there were 21.6 million Smartphones in the UK with 41% of users (that's around 8.85million) using their phone to access the Internet Every Day!

So, the question is this: Is your website designed to be viewed on the screen of a mobile phone?

If it is, well then that's great because these websites load quicker and are designed purely for small screens, so there's no unnecessary scrolling or constant 'zooming in' to read what's on the page.

The Google search app. that's installed on these phones seeks out mobile optimised sites, like those for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, to name just a few of the more popular sites.

People are on the move and they want the information fast, so what do you need to do to have your site transformed for a Smartphone.

So, if your website isn't Smartphone optimised then you need to consider if people will actually even try viewing your website on their phone.  This would be a missed opportunity!

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